Why do you love what you do?

Happy Valentine’s Day

Why do you love what you do?

While working is paramount to personal financial stability for most people, many of us also do what we do because we like it. So, today, I’m asking you – why do you love what you do?

I love being an entrepreneur.

I never really envisioned myself as a business owner when I was in college or younger — probably because I didn’t know very many people who did that. Most people I knew had a job with a company, and so I always thought that’s what I would do.
But I love the perks — the freedom to arrange my schedule to benefit my family and myself, the ability choose what I am working on at any given moment.
And I really love the ideas. Like most entrepreneurs, I have anywhere from three to five — or more — new business ideas percolating in the background at all times. It’s really fun for me to think of any idea for a new business — think about how to put it in place, how to market it — and then do the necessary vetting to decide whether it stays on the list or drops off.

I love being a lawyer.

Granted, my primary business is a solo practice law firm. I love working with clients and seeing changes happen because of solutions I proposed and helped implement. I love seeing my clients succeed – in business and in personal life. And as incongruent as it may seem, I do love the mixture of working on both children’s issues and intellectual property issues. It’s an excellent balance for me.

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