Annual Checklist – Is Your Business Up To Date?

Download the Annual Checklist pdf.

Formal Legalities

  •         Secretary of State Status.  Go to
  •         When are your annual fees due?
  •        Are you a corporation?
  •         When did you last hold an annual shareholder meeting?
  •         Do you need to schedule a new one?
  •         If so, when will your meeting be held?
  •         Who will send notices to the shareholders?
  •         Who will take the minutes of the meeting for the corporate record book?

Insurance – What are your renewal dates?

  •         Commercial general liability policy
  •         Workers compensation
  •         Automobile
  •         Premises liability
  •        Errors and omissions or professional malpractice


  •         New client process:   Do you need to add anything to the process to protect your ability to be paid in a timely fashion?  Do you need terms and conditions for a purchase?  Do you need to use or update a contract?
  •         Are you pricing your services appropriately?
  •         When was the last time your professional photo was taken for LinkedIn, your website and your marketing materials? Do you need to schedule a session for a new one?


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