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We help you achieve your definition of personal success and put those things into place that will protect your family for the long haul. Kathy

How is our practice different?

We are a virtual law firm, providing transactional services: contracts, business set up and dissolution, legal advice and strategy, and solutions to managing your time and your business.

We utilize a flat fee billing schedule.  This eliminates any question on the part of the client about how much something will ultimately cost.  It also allows us to focus completely on serving our clients, instead of on the sometimes time-consuming time tracking process. We will let you know the fee for the course of action and the anticipated time it will take us to complete the matter for you.  We will also let you know if we need information or documents from you in order for us to complete your work.  We also offer packages that allow you to spread the cost of legal services over time — and to plan ahead!

Assuming you agree to work with us, we will then set you up in our online case management system.  You will receive an email invitation to the system.  From your dashboard, you can see all documents uploaded by the attorney.  You can also upload documents for the attorney to review.  You can also trade secure messages.  You can see invoices and make payments online.

Our clients give us hugs.  I know, we’re the lawyers!  But we are also good listeners who prioritize our clients needs and explain what can be complex processes so they appear straightforward.  We help our clients implement the structures that will change their lives — so they can have the business they have been talking and dreaming about, and still be home for dinner.

We also use a number of tools to manage time – both ours and our clients.  Even for our clients that are right down the street, we may never meet on a legal matter in person, instead utilizing planned phone meetings and messages.  We respect the fact that our clients are busy business owners and professionals, people who don’t have hours to spend talking things over.  We let our clients know ahead of time – through questions and lists – what information we need from them in order for us to complete our work quickly and efficiently.

We understand the importance of family AND of success.  We use technology to make it happen for us – and we show our clients how to make success happen for them as well.

What does everyone else say?

I recently contacted Kathy to help me draw up an employment contract. She made the process very easy and the contract was very professional. She was able to get the document to me within 24 hours and any revisions within a few hours. Very impressive and I highly recommend KJD legal to any business owner! Dr. Crystal Exline Danville Veterinary Hospital, LLC

Kathy Davis, ESQ. has taken my business from a bunch of random papers, that I created, to a legally sound group of documents ranging from Membership Agreements, Non-Disclosures to Licensing Agreements. I enjoy working with Kathy because she takes the time to understand my needs. In addition, her turn around time is very fast. She’s a delight to work with. I highly recommend her.  Pat Altvater, Owner, BizTV Shows

I recently hired KJD Legal to assist me with my growing cleaning business. They have exceeded my expectations and continue to provided me with the best in customer service. Hiring an attorney had always been an intimidating step for me until I was introduced to Kathy Davis. She and her team are not only experts in their field, they are very personable and are more than willing to go the extra step to help others succeed! Whitney Hill, Owner, The Clean Between

Interested in working with us?  Call us at 912-721-8670 or 317-721-5290 or go to our Services Page to find out more detail about the specific things we can help you with today.

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