Kathleen Davis, Esq.

KJD Legal LLC :: Creating Dreams Into Reality

I dreamed about my first book for 28 years before I actually finished it. 28 years of thinking “someday, I will…”

Do you have a dream like that?

I believe there is power in our dreams. I believe talking about our dreams leads to greater connection. And I believe following our dreams empowers us to do anything we decide to do.

Let’s Protect Your Ideas

With my support and guidance you take the idea for your business and make it a reality. From startups, to contracts, trademarks, and advisory services I support your legal needs as you operate the business of your dreams.

Juvenile and Family Issues

For the last three years, I have also supported children and families in the court system in Chatham County, Georgia.  Adoption, guardianship, child custody, divorce, and more – schedule a consultation online or call 912-421-9910.

With more that 20 years experience in various management roles, and 16 years as an attorney, I utilize my background to support your success and to provide resources and hands on assistance to create your dreams into reality.

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